Ontario 6420 OKC Kukri Knife Review: A Great Companion For The Outdoors

June 22, 2019 Comments (0) Survival and Outdoors

Summer is upon us and so is camping and hunting season what better way to enjoy a beautiful summer night than under the stars next to a camp fire right ,  July 30th is the earliest open day for hunting in the USA starting off earliest in Florida. So while I was looking through my

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June 20, 2019

Condor Tools & Knives Heavy Duty Kukri Knife Review

CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE traces its proud history back to 1787, the year GEBR

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June 19, 2019

Cangshan Y2 Series 59212 6-Piece Knife Set Review

Today I present to you this award-winning knife set that will make any cook feel

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