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6 Top Picks for The Best Machete for Clearing Brush



Sturdy construction, long blades, and swing power make machetes ideal for clearing tasks. The best machete should make your work easier. You can use one to clear brush, blazing trails, cutting tree branches — to name a few. It can however be challenging for most to pick the right tool for the job, especially for beginners. So, what is the best machete for clearing brush?

Our experts took the time to review top machetes and to check their reliability for clearing jobs. As such, this article offers a guide on how to choose the best machete for clearing brush in addition to reviews of the top picks. Read on.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Machete for Clearing Brush

Is a machete good for clearing brush? The answer is simple. Not all machetes can do the job. But we have a guide for you. The following key factors will help you pick the best piece for your clearing task.

Type of Vegetation

The first thing to consider when determining the machete to carry is how thick the brush is. A lightweight machete will be ideal for clearing thin brushes. Such include grass and thin branches. On the other hand, to clear thick or woody vegetation, a weighty blade will increase your swing power thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing effort.

Type of Machete

The different constructions of the various types of machetes make them ideal for different purposes. For instance, use Kukri and Barong machetes to clear thin brush such as grasslands. If you want to cut through thick and woody vegetation, a Bolo, Parang or Panga should do the job. Their sturdy designs with broader blades make them ideal for heavy-duty cleaning.

The Blade

The blade material, its length and its thickness are all important considerations. The best machete for clearing brush has a long blade for a broad swinging and clearing surface area. Besides, a thin blade sharpened on both sides would make it easier and faster for you to clear thin vegetation. Thick blades are associated with heavyweight making them the best machetes for clearing thick vegetation.

In terms of the material used on the blade, high-carbon steels are better edge retainers and are easy to sharpen. Their strength ensures ease in clearing thick vegetation. They are however poor at resisting corrosion. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is perfect corrosion resistant. You want this blade if you are clearing damp vegetation or using the machete in humid environments.

The Handle

A comfortable handle with a firm grip is imperative for safety’s sake. Since you will be swinging a sharp blade around, it is key that the handle is non-slip and easy to hold for a long time. Go for those with contours that fit in the palm. Textures on the handle material are designed to promote grip and reduce slipperiness.

Full Tang

Machetes whose blades extend the entire length of the handle are said to have full tang construction. Such machetes are strong and durable. They give you control over its maneuvers and better overall handling. Best machetes come with full tang construction.

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Reviews: Best Machete for Clearing Brush

1.   Estwing Machete with Saw-Back Blade

The first on our list of the best machete for clearing brush is one from Estwing. The fact that it is made in the USA implies quality construction and durability. The sharp blade is made from forged steel making it perfect for clearing both thin and thick brushes. It comes with a heavy-duty sheath for storage and protection of the blade. Further, its saw-back design will come in handy when clearing trails and brush in the jungle. You will enjoy the handle design. It helps to absorb shock when you hit hard branches. It’s also non-slippery.

2.   KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri

The bulging blade of the KA_BAR Kukri machete gives you the swing power you need when clearing the brush. Since it is lightweight than most in its category, you can work for longer periods without straining your arms and shoulder. However, you are likely to have an easier time clearing thinner brush compared to thick vegetation. The TPR handle on the machete comes with contours to fit in your hand with a firm grip. The blade will remain sharp for long and will be easy to resharpen should you need to. For most, this is the best machete for clearing brush when camping. You also get a sheath for safe storage and preservation of the blade.

3.   Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe

Fiskars is a Finish company known for its manufacture of quality machetes. This 29-inch machete axe was designed for performance. The blade measures 18 inches while the handle is about 11 inches long. The end of the blade features an axe that can come in handy when clearing brush of varying thickness. The blade is also made from hardened carbon steel which means sturdiness and edge retention. The downside, of course, is how poor it is at resisting corrosion. You can tell from the shape of the handle that you won’t have a hard time working with your machete for a long time. It is comfortable with a grip.

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4.   SOG SOGFari 13″ Machete

With a 13-inch blade, the SOG SOGFari machete will rise to the occasion when you have some brush clearing to do. The best part is that you can use it to clear any kind of vegetation thanks to its strong construction. It comes with a full tang design to add to its handling with a comfortable handle. The back of the blade features a saw to help you in your brush clearing. You’ll also love how well the SOGFari retains its sharp edges.

5.   Zenport K3 Brush Clearing Sickle

From the design of the blade to its finishing, the Zenport brush clearing machete is one of the best machetes for clearing brush. You are likely to see farmers using this machete during the harvesting season, implying its reliability. It was built to last and the lifetime warranty you get with its purchase is a guarantee from the manufacturer. The blade is made from high-carbon steel that will retain its sharp edges for a long time increasing its efficiency. The aluminum fastened handles are non-slip and comfortable to hold for long durations.

6.   Tomahawk Razorback Full Tang Machete

There is no denying the beautiful construction of this machete by Tomahawk. It measures about 21 inches long with a saw feature on the spine of the blade. The machete has a full tang design for durability and sturdiness. It also means you can comfortably handle your tool when clearing the brush. The contours on the handle enhance grip and safety when in use. The long blade is made from tough stainless steel that retains the edge and is good corrosion-resistant. The machete’s sheath comes with a strap to enable carrying around.

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