7 Best Fixed Blade Pocket Knives This Year



Many people get the picture of a folding knife when they think about an EDC knife. And while not as popular, the best fixed blade pocket knives offer added functionality and dependability.

Fixed blades have no breakable moving parts or opening mechanisms that may hinder their effectiveness when in a rush. This inherent design superiority enhances their sturdiness and ensures the knives’ durability.

Better yet, many fixed blade knives are convenient to carry every day. They feature ergonomic designs and additional features that add to their practicality. Here are the best fixed blade pocket knives to consider this year.

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

best fixed blade pocket knives

KA-BAR is one of the big names in the everyday carry knives market known for making quality and sturdy blades. The Becker BK2 is no exception. The steel blade measures 5.25 inches and is hardened to resist corrosion.

The knife’s handle is made from Zytel and is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip. The overall construction of this blade allows it to handle tough outdoor cutting tasks, including chopping wood for fire or skinning a wild game.

The blade protrudes at the end of the handle and serves as an additional tool for breaking hard objects and glass. You can also use the hole at the end of the handle to hang your blade when in storage.

GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

best fixed blade knife

From its looks, you can tell the practicality of the Gerber StrongArm fixed blade knife. The ergonomically designed handle is optimized for a comfortably firm grip. It also has full tang construction for balance and control, a feature that befits its premier survival knife status.

The 420HC stainless steel blade can withstand corrosion and avoid chipping. Its shape enhances the knife’s functionality and reliability to handle several outdoor tasks such as piercing, slicing, and chopping, among others.

What’s more, the knife’s sheath can conveniently attach to bags, vests, belts, and many other gears. Overall, you will appreciate the knife’s readiness to handle whatever you throw at it. Users also love its sturdiness and durability.

CRKT Minimalist Cleaver EDC Knife

best minimalist fixed blade knife

If you own a cleaver and appreciate its dependability, then you will love this minimalist EDC cleaver from CRKT. It is a lightweight and low-profile model with a blade measuring 2.125 inches. While the stainless-steel blade is softer than most on this list, it’s easier to sharpen and is less likely to chip.

The ergonomic handle gives you optimal control and fits both small and nig hand sizes. It also comes with additional features to make it easy to carry and store.

Buck Knives Open Season Caper Fixed Blade Knife (0543RWS)

best fixed blade pocket knives

Aesthetically, you will agree the Buck Knives Open Season Caper has one of the best designs. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a functional and handy tool designed for various outdoor and survival tasks, including hunting and fishing.

The premium stainless-steel blade can withstand corrosion and retain its sharp edge for a long time. The shape of the knife is optimized for control and maneuverability. The stylish Dymondwood handle has groves to ensure grip, with three screws used in the full tang construction.

The knife also comes with a neat sheath for safe storage.

Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

best fixed blade with sheath

Popular among knife enthusiasts, the Morakniv Garberg is one of the best fixed blade pocket knives. It comes with a simple Scandinavian design, but that is no reason to think it falls short on the functionality and reliability scale.

The blade is made of steel and is 4 inches long. Its full tang construction ensures an even weight distribution between the handle and the blade for better control and maneuverability.

The textured polymer handle bulges at the center to offer a comfortable non-slippery grip. Moreover, the protrusion of the blade at the end of the handle is a handy tool for breaking hard objects and glass.

Spyderco Ronin 2 Fixed Blade Knife

best fixed blade knives

The design of the Spyderco Ronin 2 fixed blade knife makes it a worthy consideration for a functional everyday carry. It has an extensive straight cutting edge with a sharp point to increase the cutting surface and puncturing objects, such as skinning a wild game.

Ronin 2 has a comfortable handle with scales to prevent slipping. There is also a protective finger guard to prevent accidents. The 3.625-inch blade is made from stainless steel and extends the entire length of the handle for enhanced balance and control.

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Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Fixed Blade Knife

best handy fixed blade pocket knife

While the blade on this SRK Survival knife is more on the longer end (6 inches), the dependability of Cold Steel blades earned it a position on this list. The blade is made from premium steel to withstand corrosion and handle tough tasks without chipping.

The clip-point blade gives it a pointy tip for making piercings and a wide cutting surface for chopping and slicing. In addition, the knife’s handle is made from rubber with a rough finish to ensure it doesn’t slip even in wet conditions.

Overall, the knife is well designed for everyday carry. Its handle has an extensive protective guard and a hole for easy storage and convenient carry.


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