7 Best Kitchen Knives: Buying Guide and Reviews



While some cooks prefer collecting different kinds of knives, each for specific cutting tasks, others prefer to have one – a kitchen knife. This is a workhorse on which you can count whether you want to do some slicing and dicing or more complicated tasks like carving chicken. When looking for one, you want to ensure that you make the best purchase. Our experts have made it easier for you. Here is a buying guide and reviews of the 7 best kitchen knives. Read on.

Japanese vs German Knives: What’s the Difference?

Whether to go with a Japanese or German chef’s knife is a concern for many. But the difference between these two main categories of knives is not as significant as one may think. Below are the key features of each category.

German Knives – these are heavy with thick bolsters. A bolster is the part of a knife where the blade meets the handle. They are versatile knives and can be used for virtually all cutting tasks. They have thick blades made from softer steel that tend to lose the edge more frequently compared to Japanese knives. The curved blades on German knives facilitate rocking.

Japanese Knives – these are lightweight with thin blades. They are forged from harder steel compared to German knives and will retain their sharp edges longer. The thin blade and sharp edges make them ideal for precise slicing. They are, however, prone to chipping and cracking. You are likely to find Japanese knives in high-end sushi restaurants.

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Best Kitchen Knives Buying Guide

When it comes to picking the best knife, there are a few key features to look out for. These will differentiate a good kitchen knife from an unreliable one.


Stainless steel blades are good at resisting corrosion. They, however, require frequent sharpening since they lose their edge fast. On the other hand, blades made from high-carbon steel tend to retain their edges better. The downside is that they are not as good at resisting corrosion as their stainless-steel counterparts. Most modern knives come with high-carbon blades with coatings to enhance strength and resistance to rust and corrosion.


Full tang is where the blade extends the full length of the knife’s handle. In most knives, the handle has rivets that attach the handle to the blade’s extension. This is an indication of full tang construction. Compared to half or no-tang, full tang balances the knife by spreading the weight of the knife between the handle and the blade. This gives you more control when using the knife. It also makes the knife sturdy and durable.


You want a comfortable handle that won’t slip even when damp. Most kitchen knives come with ergonomically designed handles to fit in the palm and prevent slipping. Since German knives are structurally big, some have big handles that may not be ideal for cooks with smaller hands. Be sure to check before buying.

Reviews: 7 Best Kitchen Knives

WÜSTHOF Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

This 8-inch kitchen knife by Wüsthof earned its first position. It is the true definition of a versatile knife. It comes with a razor-sharp blade that will retain its edge for a long before requiring another sharpening. It is a German knife and features full tang construction for durability and strength. As such, you can use it to bone a chicken and other tough tasks and it will rise to the occasion every single time. The ergonomic handle on this Wüsthof knife feels good in the hand and will not slip even with wet hands. The knife is dishwasher safe, but hand-washing with water and soap will extend its lifespan.

J.A. Henckels International Classic Chef’s Knife

J.A. Henckels is another manufacturer renowned for making quality and durable knives in the market. And this kitchen knife is not different. It is designed for comfort and functionality. The handle fits perfectly in hand and the full tang will give you control over its maneuverability. The blade retains its edge well and will resist corrosion and rust. The price tag on the knife contributes to making it one of the best kitchen knives in its category.

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Mercer Culinary Renaissance 8-Inch Forged Chef’s Knife

This is one of the top-selling kitchen knives on Amazon. Many users are impressed with the knife’s functionality and durability. It feels good in the hand and the ergonomically designed handles fit in most hand sizes. The three rivets in the handle confirm full tang. The knife is therefore balanced and sturdy for tough tasks as well as light ones. The blade is made from high-carbon German steel meaning it can retain its edges for long before sharpening.

Global 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

Modern styling and elegant finishing are among the key features of Global kitchen knives. This 7-inch Santoku chef’s knife made it to our list of reviews due to its functionality and versatility. The entire structure is made from stainless steel. The blade is razor-sharp, and while you will need to resharpen quite often, you will have an easy time doing it. Since it’s forged from one piece of metal, this Global kitchen knife feels comfortable and balanced. The notches along the edge prevent food from getting stuck on the blade when chopping or slicing.

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Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife

If you are looking for something lightweight but can still do the job, then this Mac chef’s knife is what you want. It is sharp and will go for long before needing another sharpening. The knife feels balanced in the hand thanks to the full tang. The pakkawood used on the handle is smooth and feels comfortable in the hand. You can get precise slices with the thin blade on this knife. Besides, the grounding on the blade prevents food from sticking on the blade.


Like most on our list, this chef’s knife by Zwilling J.A. Henckels is your go-to knife for all range of tasks, delicate and tough alike. It is great at retaining its sharp edge after sharpening and will remain sharp for a long time. The handle fits in most hand sizes and is made from non-slip materials.

Victorinox Grand Maître Chef’s 8

Besides the looks, this Victorinox kitchen knife will do most kitchen tasks. It is a forged knife with a full tang to enhance stability and durability. The knife’s handle is made from rosewood and is slightly curved to promote a comfy grip.


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