8 Best pocket Knife Brands This Year



The versatility of pocket knives makes them an invaluable tool to carry around. They come in different shapes and sizes, and you can count on one to handle several cutting tasks. The best pocket knife brands have been around for years, perfecting and specializing their craftsmanship.

Pocket knives’ compact construction fits in small pockets, camping bags, or tool kits. They also come with features to make them safe to carry around.

With several brands in the market, picking one that makes the best pocket knife to carry around can be a challenge for many people. Here are the top pocket knife brands and an assortment of their best productions to consider.

The Best Pocket Knife Brands

Buck Knives

best buck pocket knife brand

The first Buck knives date back to 1902 when a young Hoyt Buck discovered a technique for enhancing edge retention. The company has grown to establish its name as one of the leading field knives brands with a signature design.

You can use Buck Knives for hunting, survival, fishing, or cooking. These knives feature quality construction, superior edge retention, and strength that translate to high price tags on most pieces. Moreover, you can submit an online request for a custom knife.

Top Buck Knives on Amazon

Kershaw Knives

best pocket brands - kershaw

Innovative designs are one of the admirable features of the Kershaw Knives. Most of their pocket knives come with stylish, automatic openings with razor-sharp blades.

Kershaw Knives is headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, and the parent company, Kai Industries, is renowned for producing high-quality cutting tools, including razors and surgical instruments.

The company’s collection of pocket knives is immense. It also uses different types of steel and materials on blades and handles, respectively. You are likely to find your preferred style on the Kershaw Knives store, and the best part is their affordable price points.

Top Kershaw Knives on Amazon

Columbia River Knife and Tool Company (CRKT)

best pocket knife brands CRKT

The founders of the CRKT worked at Kershaw before founding their company in 1994. The brand is known for producing a wide range of edge tools from the best sources to keep the price tag within affordable ranges.

The company, therefore, offers unique and quality pocket knives that don’t feel cheap. Among the top qualities of the best CRKT pocket knives are sturdy construction, resistance to corrosion, and excellent edge retention.

Top CRKT Pocket Knives on Amazon

Cold Steel Knife and Tool

Cold Steel Pocket Knife Brands

If you have seen some innovative pocket knives with almost weird designs, you’ve probably seen a Cold Steel Knife and Tool pocket knife. The company was founded in 1980 in California and promises to offer the strongest and sharpest blades in the world.

Besides pocket knives, Cold Steel also makes machetes, axes, blowguns, and sword canes. So, if you are looking for sturdy knives with unique and futuristic designs, Cold Steel is worthy of consideration.

Top Cold Steel Pocket Knives on Amazon

Benchmade Knife

best pocket knife brands

The Benchmade brand started as Bali-Strong, a company that focused on making balisong knives in California back in 1979, before rebranding in 1988. The name emphasizes the brand’s commitment to quality construction, a feature many users appreciate.

As the first knife maker to use laser cutting, Benchmade was able to use different types of hard steels on their knives. This gave the company an upper hand over its competition and helped the brand grow.

Benchmade has operations in the United States but works with some of the top knife designers. Their knives come in three main categories with distinguishing colors: blue for standard knives, gold for exotic materials, and black for heavy-duty, military-grade knives.

Top Benchmade Pocket Knives on Amazon

Gerber Gear

best garber gear pocket knives on Amazon

Established in 1939, Gerber Gear combines experience and innovation to produce some of the best quality knives, saws, scissors, axes, and multi-tools. The company has its production center in Oregon and is owned by Fiskars – a Finnish company.

Continuous innovation and testing of new materials give Gerber Gear an edge over most knifemaking companies. You have an option of using a Gerber model as a base when customizing your knife.

Besides functionality and style, users also love the brand’s affordability.

Top Gerber Gear Pocket Knives on Amazon

Boker Manufactory

best old-fashioned pocket knife

Perhaps the oldest pocket knife brand, Boker Manufactory has a rich manufacturing history dating back to the 17th century. The company uses the Tree Brand logo on its blades and manufactures knives, axes, razors, and swords in Solingen, Germany.

The brand is known for its classic-styled pocket knives with a variety of models, including mushroom and tactical pocket knives. Despite the company’s old-fashioned design, it uses innovation to keep up with market trends.

Users also love the knives’ performance vis-à-vis the price point.

Top Boker Manufactory Pocket Knives on Amazon

Emerson Knives

Emerson Knives designs and manufactures knives for the military and law enforcement agencies, such as the Army Rangers, U.S. Navy SEAL, and the British Special Air Service.

Ernest Emerson, a highly-respected combat instructor, started the company in 1979 with a focus on creating functional and practical pocket knives.

The company offers a wide variety of combat knives, including a line for left-handed users. The knives’ quality construction and specialization mean higher price points, but you will love their durability.


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