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Most people are more conversant with metal knives compared to their ceramic counterparts. The best ceramic knives offer a lighter option, and with them come impressive features that are worth your consideration.

The ceramic knives use zirconium dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral, instead of the common metals used on knife blades. This offers better resistance to acids, oxidation that result in rust and corrosion besides maintaining their sharp edges for way more prolonged periods than the metal blades.

You can use these knives to cut everything from fruits, meat, and vegetables as well as bread for the serrated blades. The downside to their lightweight is the ease with which they can chip when used to cut into hard materials like frozen foods and bones. They’ll also require better maintenance regimen for them to serve you longer.

How to Care for Your Best Ceramic Knives

The secret to ensuring your ceramic knife serves you for long is to ensure that you have maintained it in the best condition possible. This is also true for the other types of knives, or equipment, for that matter.

Most brands, if not all, will include instructions on how to care for your knife upon a purchase. Some basics cut across the board. It is advisable to use a wooden chopping board compared to plastic cutting boards. Unlike wood, plastics can harbor bacteria, and since the surface is too hard, the sharpness of the knife’s edge will most likely be compromised.

You want to wash your ceramic knife by hand, and before putting it in the dishwasher with the other utensils, be sure to confirm that the manufacturer approves of that method of cleaning. Also, store your knife separate from the other utensils and keep the blade sharp.

Reviews: Top 5 Best Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic 4-Piece Knife Set

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Kyocera is a renowned knife manufacturer, and its ceramic line is just as reliable as the metal knives. Their quality remains admirable by most chefs in addition to the lifetime warranty you get with every purchase.

The kitchen knives in this set are sharp and will maintain their edges requiring you to sharpen them occasionally. You get two options in the color variations – red handle with white blades and black handles with black blades as well. You may want to match with the interior of your kitchen to complement your décor.

The set includes a 6-inch chef’s knife, which you can use to cut almost everything, a 5.5″ kitchen knife, 4.5″ utility knife, and a 3″ paring knife. These are the blade sizes without the handle. The contours on the handle provide for a comfortable grip and control over the knives’ movements.

Kyocera Ultimate Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set

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The other set of knives from Kyocera on our list is from the Ultimate series. It contains the essential knives that you would need in your home or professional kitchen. You get a 6-inch chef’s knife, which is essentially the workhorse in the kitchen, 5-inch knife with serrations, and a paring knife with its blade measuring 3 inches.

Like the advanced ceramic, a lot of work went into the designing of the handles to make them fit into the hand and offer nothing less than a perfect grip. The overall weight of the knives is well balanced between the blade and the handle for efficiencies.

Like we’d expect from the ceramic knives, the blades will be sharp for a pretty long time, and sharpening will only be needed a few times. You don’t want to use these knives to cut tough substances like frozen foods and bones. They may chip and break. Corrosion of the blades will also be the least of your worries.

Solutionelle 2-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

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Besides loving the packaging of the Solutionelle ceramic knives, you will appreciate their simple yet functional designs. The set includes a chef’s knife and a paring knife measuring 8 and 4 inches, respectively. These are enough for all essential cutting tasks in the kitchen.

You can use the chef’s knife to chop meat, cut vegetables, and slice ingredients while the paring knife can be used when peeling fruits and potatoes. The sturdiness of the blades is enhanced to boost the knives’ durability. In addition, the blades will never fall prey to rust and corrosion.

The soft handles designed to provide grip and the balanced weight of the knives will make your use of them smooth and flawless. People with small hands will not have to worry about handling the knives since the manufacturer clearly catered for every hand size.

TAKIUP 6-Piece Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

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Four of the 6 pieces in this set are cutlery knives, each with own sheaths and an innovative ceramic peeler for fruit and vegetables. The knives are a 6-inch serrated bread knife, 6-inch chef knife, 5-inch slicing knife, 4-inch utility knife, 3-inch paring knife, and a Peeler. The blades are white in color and are covered by stylish black sheaths that match with the handles.

The blades will maintain their sharp edges for long and with the sheaths on, even longer. The handles are coated with rubber to prevent slips and improve grip. The knives feel comfortable in hand, and with their lightweights, your use will be seamless and effortless.

Your purchase will include a 90-day warranty with an option for gift wrapping if you have someone special to surprise.

VOS Professional Classic 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

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This colorful ceramic knife set by Ventura Online Shopping includes all the essential knives you need in your kitchen. The 6-inch chef’s knife is red, the utility knife has a 4 inches long blade and is blue while the paring knife is green in color with a 3-inch long blade. Included in the set is a fruit peeler.

The blades are all made of high-quality zirconia. They come with sheaths to help maintain their edges as well as for storage. Lightweight and sharp edges are among other impressive features of the knives in this ceramic knife set. The handles are pretty comfortable in hand too.

Cleaning these knives is as simple as using a detergent and water. Your purchase will include instructions on how to maintain your knives and peeler as well as a free recipe cook to have you trying out new foods.

How to Sharpen Best Ceramic Knives

As mentioned before, ceramic knives, unlike the typical metal knives, maintain their sharp edges for long. However, in the instance, you need to sharpen your knives, be sure to check out our KnifePlanet’s Sharpening Stone for easy and safe sharpening.

The sharpening stone is designed to make your maintenance regimen easy and ensure no slips that may cause accidents.

Recommended Storage of Ceramic Knives

Life most Japanese knives, the ceramic knives require more attention when it comes to maintenance. Their storage will, therefore, contribute to how long they serve you. It is advisable to store these knives separate from the rest of your utensils. Ensure they are safely placed inside the sheaths they come with or into the storage blocks.

In some instances, the instructions that you get when you purchase the knife will define how to store them well. Follow them. Proper storage will prevent chipping or breaking of the blades besides ensuring the knives maintain their sharp edges.


Ceramic knives are versatile and ideal for every kitchen. They are lightweight, razor-sharp, and rust-resistant. Before purchasing one, be sure to check out our professional reviews, which offer an excellent starting point. You can complement your kitchen décor with a set of the best ceramic knives as well.


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