The 6 Best Boning Knives To Buy This Year



The best boning knives make breaking down beef, pork, poultry, and fish easy and convenient. A good chef’s knife can indeed handle virtually all cutting tasks in the kitchen. But it’s not the most dependable for separating meat and fish from bones.

The small size of the boning knife makes it the best choice for cutting around bones. But that’s not the only feature that makes the knives reliable. They also have razor-sharp blades with varying extents of flexibility and comfortable handles.

Since most kitchen knife sets don’t include a boning knife, many professional and home cooks purchase one separately. This article has a buying guide and reviews the top boning knives on Amazon based on research and users’ feedback.

Reviews of the Best Boning Knives

Henckels ZWILLING Flexible Boning Knife

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The design of this Henckels Zwilling knife makes it one of the best all-rounded boning knives on the market. The bolster is curved towards the blade to create a protective finger guard. The knife’s flexibility offers more convenience when boning both delicate and tough cuts.

You will also love the knife’s handle. It is ergonomically designed for the best handling and to give you control. Users love the knife’s balance, and although it is pricier than most in its category, it has garnered thousands of positive reviews for its reliability.

Mercer Culinary M20206 Genesis 6-Inch Flexible Boning Knife

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The reasonable price on this boning knife doesn’t match its quality and the value you get from it. It is one of the main reasons the knife has gained several positive reviews on Amazon. The blade is made from high-carbon steel – ideal for sturdiness and edge retention.

The comfortable handle is made from the non-slippery Santoprene to give you grip and control over the knife’s maneuverability. The blade’s flexibility promotes its effectiveness and does not hinder its effectiveness.

Shun Hand Crafted Japanese Boning Knife

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The reliability of this knife makes it a worthy inclusion on this list of the best boning knives. It comes with flexibility that makes breaking down fish and poultry effortless but may not be ideal when boning beef or other tougher cuts.

The knife’s blade is curved upwards with a pointy tip, and its handle enhances grip and comfort. Users also love the knife’s edge retention capability.

Wusthof Classic-5″ Boning Knife

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The Wusthof Classic 5-inch boning knife brings the manufacturer’s quality construction and reliability when separating meat from the bones. The blade is sharp with an arc for more cutting surface and seamless slicing and trimming.

The knife has a protective finger guard close to the handle to prevent injuries while boning. Its handle is made from a non-slip synthetic material with contouring to enhance grip. The price tag on this knife is on the higher end, but it’s a worthy investment considering its longevity.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Boning Knife

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Victorinox is a renowned knife manufacturer. Their flexible 6-inch boning knife offers reliability and functionality when boning both tough and delicate foods. The blade boasts the durability of stainless steel and is easy to maintain.

The knife’s non-slip Fibrox Pro handle gives you control over its maneuverability for better effectiveness. Its design also reduces hand and wrist fatigue if you use it often or work on a considerably large cut.

KYOKU Shogun Series Boning Knife

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If you are looking for a professional boning knife, you cannot go wrong with the Kyoku Shogun Series Boning Knife. Its construction features high-quality Japanese craftsmanship to offer precision, comfortable handling, and durability.

For instance, the razor-sharp blade is made from alloy steel and is crafted to ensure edge retention and durability. The handle is chemically treated to enhance grip, non-slippery, and comfort. Users love the knife’s price point and its edge retention.

What to Look for When Buying a Boning Knife

Blade Flexibility

If you’ve been researching the best boning knives to buy, you have probably come across flexible boning blades. Blade flexibility comes in handy for better maneuverability when cutting around bones. A semi-flex blade is ideal for boning tough cuts like beef, pork, lamb, or goat.

The more flexible blades are best for boning delicate cuts such as poultry and fish. The idea is to move along contours without leaving meat or fish behind.

Blade Length

The ideal length of the boning knife varies from one person to the next. While shorter blades offer more control, longer blades can help you break down larger chunks of meat with much ease. To know what works best for you, try holding different sizes and determine what feels right for you.

Blade Material

The best blade material for a boning knife should retain its edge and withstand wear and tear. Stainless steel, while is not the best at edge retention, is durable and can withstand beating. As such, many boning knives have stainless steel blades.


A comfortable handle is a must-have for any kitchen knife, and a boning knife is no different. The shape and the material used to make the handle are fundamental for comfort and grip. Another consideration is maintenance. For instance, wooden handles can be sleek but are easily damaged when subjected to water for a long time. Besides, other types of handles may not be dishwasher safe.


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