The 6 Best Electric Knives in 2022



You can indeed count on your chef’s knife for virtually any cutting task in the kitchen, but the efficiency you get from the best electric knives is unmatched. These types of knives, whether corded or uncorded, are a necessity, especially for carving meat. You will use less effort to do a lot of carving and save time.

You want to make sure that you invest in the right electric knife to suit your needs and budget. The challenge is wadding through the overwhelmingly many products online. The good news is we took the time to look at the top products and review some of the top products.

What to Consider when Buying the Best Electric Knives


The automatic operation of these knives makes safety an essential consideration. You want to be sure that your knife will not turn on quickly, and if that happens by mistake, it should be easy to switch it off. As a first, check that the knife has safety measures in place before making your purchase. These may range from an accessible button for switching it off to a cover for proper storage.

Replaceable Blades

This is a feature worth considering, especially for those who hate sharpening blades, more so the serrated ones. If you foresee yourself using the electric knife more frequently, go for one that allows for the blades’ replacement. Furthermore, it should be easy to order and get additional blades when you need a replacement.

With or Without a Cord

The corded and uncorded electric knives come with their own pros and cons. The right choice is more of a personal preference matter than a standard approach that cuts across the board. While the uncorded one will allow you to move with it everywhere and reduce the device’s bulkiness, you will not have to worry about replacing batteries with the corded knife. However, you will need to sacrifice mobility since you should be close to your plugin for those with shorter cords.


To let yourself get carried away by the sheer joy of the expected efficiency and spend a foot and an arm on an electric knife will not be smart. You will be amazed to learn that some good electric knives are available at reasonable prices without sacrificing their effectiveness. Be sure to create a budget and define the much you are prepared to spend before going shopping.

Reviews of the Best Electric Knives

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

The serrations on the electric blades make them ideal for slicing bread as well. This one by Cuisinart comes with an additional blade made for cutting bread. The knife comes with a stylish board on which the blades and the handle fit during storage.

The comfortable handle on this knife makes it ideal for use for a long time. One easily accessible button can be used to switch the knife on and off with an additional safety lock to prevent accidental activation of the knife while in storage.

Proctor Silex Electric Knife

Lightweight with a comfortable handle made this knife qualify for a feature on our review list. It comes with an accessible button for operation and a safety lock for added security, especially when the knife is not in use. You get clean cuts and slices with this knife when used to cut bead vegetables and meats. Users like the knife as well for making crafty DIY projects are home.

Black + Decker Electric Carving Knife

If you don’t see yourself using an electric knife as often as you use your kitchen knife, spending a modest amount on one device can be a good strategy. That is why this quality product by Black + Decker makes the right choice for you.

It features an ergonomic handle to enhance grip and comfort for better control over the knife’s maneuverability. The on and off button is located on the handle with a safety lock to prevent activations when the knife is not in use. You can easily clean blades in the dishwasher.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

This electric knife comes with a carving fork to help make your carving easier and look more professional or fancy. The serrations on the stainless blades help you to cut through bread and meats effortlessly.

The handle is designed to enable you to use the knife for a long time without cramps. It gives you control over the movements of the knife for added safety. The knife comes in a case that you can use for storage. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s guide on cleaning the knife before using the dishwasher.

American Angler Professional Grade Electric knife

Fish filleting is another exercise in which you can use an electric knife for added safety and convenience. Most professionals appreciate these knives’ efficiency, and this professional-grade knife would make a perfect choice for anyone.

To make it a better experience, this knife comes with a collection of other blades that you can use depending on the fish’s size. Besides, you get a protective glove and a case where you can safely store all your blades and the knife.

Benefits of Using an Electric Knife

Easy to use – an electric knife’s operation involves nothing more than the press of a button, safe for the user instructions that you need to read beforehand. To use most of the other types of knives, you will need some experience to get the most out of your blade.

Save time – the best electric knives work with considerably fast speeds to help you beat the clock and have the dinner ready in no time.

Almost effortless – using an electric knife barely requires you to put in the effort. It is advisable that you shouldn’t try to use the saw motions when using the knife and let it do the job!

Safer – since you will not be putting in effort for the blades to work as they should, you will be safer than swinging the long and heavy swords. Think a cleaver or a butcher’s knife.


The best electric knives can make your work easy, whether cutting meats, slicing bread, or chopping vegetables. The trick is in finding yourself a quality device that will deliver nothing less than you expect. Our review should give you a good starting point.


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