Buying Guide and Reviews: The 6 Best Butcher Knives in 2022



Quality and reliability are the first features anyone should look for in a butcher’s knife. This is a handy tool for commercial and home use, especially when it comes to cutting large chunks of meat. The best butcher knives are available in different shapes and sizes, a cleaver being one of the common shapes.

From the name, butcher knives are used for butchering. Eventually, the butcher will need to incorporate the other types of knives to end up with the slices they want to use (cook).

But why shouldn’t one use a kitchen knife? Some cooks may be comfortable using a kitchen knife, but a butcher knife gives you an added efficiency. Most of them have long, sharp, and thick blades that will reach far to help you get clean cuts into the meat. Moreover, their comfortable handles offer better grips and safety.

Features of the Best Butcher Knives

Comfortable Handles

You need a firm and comfortable grip when dealing with the long blade on a butcher’s knife. The last thing you want is the knife slipping off your hands when using one. This is why the handle is among the first considerations to make when choosing the right butcher’s knife. Ergonomic handles with contours and proper riveting are perfect for butchers’ knives.

Blade Sharpness and Strength

This type of knives is used to cut through massive meat, small bones, tough skin, and more. As such, it is advisable to go for nothing less than sharp and sturdy blades. In addition to ensuring the knife’s effectiveness, these features also contribute to the durability of the knife itself. Pick a traditional butcher’s knife or a cleaver if you are looking for brute force when butchering.


You can tell about the balance of the knife by looking at its construction. What this means is how it feels when held in hand. You want to have control over the blade’s maneuvers, and its balance will help you with this. A full tang construction enhances the stability of the weight of the knife between the blade and the handle, thereby offering a better balance and handling.


Depending on the size of the meat you want to chop, it is essential to get the size of the butcher’s knife right. Most knives range between six to fourteen inches. Pick the shorter blade lengths for smaller pieces of meat and for getting around the bones. On the other hand, the longer blades are ideal for skinning and getting the one clean sweep off a large meat piece.


All the features described above culminate in the reliability of the butcher knife. If the blade is sharp enough with the right length for the task and the knife feels good in the hand, you can be sure to have an easy time with your butchering. This is especially important for commercial users who use the knife more frequently compared to home chefs.

Review of the Best Butcher Knives

Wüsthof Classic Artisan 8-Inch Butcher Knife

If you have used a Wüsthof knife before, you will appreciate how sturdy and durable they are. This manufacturer ensures the quality of all its knives and their butcher’s knife is no different. The Classic Artisan knife is forged from high-carbon stainless steel giving it a full tang.

The blade’s material retains its edges for a long time, and you can be sure to use the knife right from the box. The handle features an ergonomic design to enhance grip and ensure comfort when using it. Three rivets on the handle and the bolster offer security and ensure the knife’s longevity. The several good reviews this knife has amassed on Amazon tell you about its reliability.

Dalstrong Cleaver 9-Inch Butcher Knife

For those who picture cleavers at the mention of a butcher knife, this Dalstrong knife will be the best pick for you. It comes with quality construction aimed at ensuring the knife’s durability and sturdiness. This knife’s strength makes it a chopping machine with the ability to cut through tough skin and break small bones.

The blade is made from a high-carbon German metal that resists corrosion and rust and retains the sharp edges. The full tang construction on the knife works to balance off the weight between the handle and the blade for better handling. Its overall polished finish is definitely an addition to your kitchen décor.

JERO Pro Series TR 6-Inch Butcher Knife

The good thing about narrow and not-so-long butcher knives is that you can use them for boning as well. That is why we have this 6-inch beauty on our list. The first impressive feature worth mentioning is the ergonomic handle. The material used on the handle is non-slipping to ensure your safety when using this sharp butcher knife.

The blade is made from a high-carbon German stainless steel on which you can count to cut through the meat and some bones. The 6-inch long blade can also double as a boning knife eliminating the need to buy another knife for this purpose.

Mercer Culinary 12-Inch Butcher Knife

Mercer Culinary is not a new name in the knife market, and this butcher knife is another of their impressive productions. One thing you will notice that’s different from the other knives on our review list is the dimpled blade. This feature allows for clean cuts by preventing tearing and shredding due to the meat sticking on the blade.

The 12 inches long blade is easy to control thanks to a comfortable handle. The stainless steel on the blade also allows for edge retention and resistance of rust.

Dexter Russell 8-Inch Butcher Knife

Besides effectiveness in cutting through large meat pieces, this butcher knife by Dexter Russell comes with an ergonomically designed handle. The handle extends to protect the index finger from the blade’s business and is slip-resistant for a firm grip. This knife is dishwasher safe.

The quality of the blade material will ensure your knife’s durability and retain its edge for a long time. Should you need to sharpen any of our knives, the KnifePlanet’s sharpening stone will offer the efficiency you need. It is designed to prevent accidental slips and comes with a free sharpening guide available on our site.

Dalstrong Shogun Series 10-Inch Butcher Knife

At 10 inches, this Dalstrong butcher’s knife looks like a samurai sword. It is basically true since most Japanese knives are products of the sword-making culture that boasts a rich history. Like other knives with Japanese blades, this Shogun Series is among the sharpest butcher knives.

Storage of such a long blade can be tricky in the kitchen, but you get a plastic sheath to cover the blade in storage safely. With the sharp edges, you will probably not need to sharpen any time soon, and rust and corrosion will be the least of your worries. Be sure to go through the maintenance regimen recommended.


The best butcher knives are durable, balanced, and come with razor-sharp blades for efficiency. Our review list features some of the top knives for cutting large pieces of meat and can be used for both home and commercial purposes.


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