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Top 2022 Knives Reviews: Best Knives Sets per Category



The knife is one of the few tools in the kitchen you will need from the start of your recipe to the end when preparing your salad. While it may be ideal for some to research each type of knife separately, most people would instead buy an entire set. And if this description befits you, here is a post for the best knives sets.

To make things better, we will go ahead to categorize them for added convenience. No doubt, you will need to work out the basics, such as whether to go with the sharp Japanese knives or the bold and sturdy German knives before buying. Some go a notch further to look for knives sets that will match their kitchen interior. What do you consider?

What You Should Know Before Buying a Knife Set

The main factor in guiding your purchase of a knife set is your style of cooking. In other words, what do you use your knife to do most? You want to be sure that you get the blades you need in the set before buying. There is no point in having an entire set of 18 knives, but you only need one. Don’t you think?

Best knives sets come with the descriptions of what s included in the set. Your set should not lack the essentials: chef’s knife, paring knife, and the serrated knife. These are enough for an entry-level set. Also, you want to make sure that the blades have the perfect weight and balance according to preference. A well-balanced weight between the blade and the handle can make the use of the knife comfortable and efficient.

The other thing you want to consider is the blade material. The higher the content of carbon in the steel, the tougher it is, and the better it will be at keeping its sharp edge. The downside to carbon steel blades is the possibility to rust with time. Stainless steel, on the other hand, will not likely stain, but you might need to sharpen from time to time.

Reviews: Best Knives Sets per Category

Best German Knife Set: Wusthof Classic 7-Piece Knife Block Set

Strength and durability are among the key attributes of German knives – they boast a rich history of quality craftsmanship. That is what Wusthof offers and more. This set is made up of 7 different kinds of knives for all the essential tasks and more.

The blades are hand-honed with high content carbon to make them hold their sharp edges for long. This means you will not worry about sharpening your knives for a long time. The handles are somewhat slimmer than those on most German knives for better grip regardless of the size of your hand.

Finding a space on your kitchen counter should not be a problem, thanks to the block’s slim construction. The ergonomic design of the knives, as well as their ability to retain their sharp edges, are the top features that have earned the set good reviews on Amazon.

Best Japanese Knife Set: Shun Classic 6-piece Knife Block Set

You are likely to find Japanese knives in most high-end restaurants and the secret if in their functionality. These are knives you can count on for almost all the tasks you have in the kitchen thanks to their lightweight, very sharp edges and beautiful designs. The catch, of course, is in the maintenance of the blades which tend to chip easily.

In our selection, Shun Classic made it as the best Japanese knives block set. Why? First, these knives are handcrafted to ensure the beauty of the knives and the block. The blades are made of a core made from steel and coated with more than 30 layers of stainless Damascus steel. What this combination gives you is a durable collection of super sharp blades with high resistance to corrosion.

In addition to the 6-set of your essential knives, you also get honing steel to be used for sharpening. The truth is you will not likely use it on these knives for a long time. They are known to retain their sharp edges for ages. Pun intended.

Best Entry-Level Knife Set: Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife Set

As a new cook, the last thing you want is to end up with a block set that requires high-level techniques. You should start with the basics first, and those basics should be functional. That is why the Victorinox Firbox Prof knives set should be the best pick for any novice.

This set includes a utility knife, chef’s, paring, and bread knife. These are enough to handle all the essential tasks in the kitchen while the learners’ skills grow with time. Given that the blades are free from the handle and the bolster, you can use the entire length of the blade without hurting your knuckles. The handles are textured to promote grip with contours that will fit perfectly in your hand. Some users have praised the set of knives for retaining their sharp edges for long.

Best Set for Professional Cooks: Global Kabuto Knife Set

Made from Japanese steel, the Global Kabuto knives are designed for efficiency and convenience. The manufacturer is known for the making of the best chef’s knives as well. This set features 6 knives with all essentials such as a chef’s, utility, and paring knives.

The knives are crafted from a single piece of metal from the blade to the handle. This promotes not only the knives’ durability but also their sturdiness. The weight between the handle and the blade is well balanced to make it easy to control their maneuverability. The handle feature dimples to enhance grip.

You get the Global’s lifetime warranty with a purchase of this set. Most users are impressed by how sharp the edges are and how good the knives are at retaining the sharp edges. What’s more, they are lightweight, which makes them ideal for professional use.

Best Overall Set: Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife Set

With Mercer, you can be sure of the reliability of the kitchen workhorse. They are made of forged German blades to ensure durability and sturdiness. By forged, we mean the entire knife was made from one piece of metal on which the handle was riveted. Better yet, these knives are ideal for everyone, novice and experienced cooks alike.

The set includes an 8″ chef’s knife, utility knife, bread knife, utility knife, and a boning knife. These are all the essential knives a home cook would need. The block comes in a sleek design made of tempered glass. Most users like this set not only for how long the knives retain their sharp edges but also because of how easy the blades are to hold. So, if you are not sure about what you need to buy, this Mercer knives set would be the best pick at any time of the year.

Tips on How to Care for Your Best Knives Sets


There is no point in having a blunt knife. You would rather have none. You want to make sure that your knife will be there for you when you need it, and keeping it sharp is one of the essential maintenance regimens. KnifePlanet’s sharpening stone makes knife sharpening easy. It is designed to ensure your safety by eliminating slips.


Ensure the knives in your set are clean at all times. You can use soap and water to wash off any dirt and let them dry. Using the dishwasher is not advisable since some knives’ handles are likely to be destroyed.

Chopping Surface

Avoid using hard surfaces for your chopping board. Wood is the most preferred. Plastic boards, on the other hand, are not only hard but can also host germs.


The best knives sets can go a long way in saving you the time to research each type of knife separately. Better yet, most come organized in a block with beautiful designs and colors that can match your kitchen interior. Our list of reviewed products should give you the best starting point for your selection.


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