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Top 5 Picks For The Best Survival Knives



The best survival knife is designed to assist you when you find yourself in a survival situation, especially in the wild. It will become handy when you are cut out from the rest of your team, caught by bad weather, or when you need to create shelter, light a fire, or dress injuries with a bandage on your outdoor expeditions.

This makes a survival knife more than a piece of gear outdoorsmen need to pack – it is essential, ranking third to food and water, for survival outdoors. If you are looking to know more about survival knives before getting yourself one, this guide will give you everything you need to know as well as a review of the top picks in the market.

Reviews: Top 5 Best Survival Knives

  1. ESEE ESLSP-BRK Survival Knife

ESEE is known for its production of quality hunting and survival knives, and its ESLSP-BRK brand is no exception. This knife is essentially a workhorse in the outdoors. It has a 4.75-inch long blade made of high carbon steel to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and resist corrosion. It features a full tang design to enhance sturdiness and durability.

The handle has two rivets and is shaped to provide for proper grip as well as eliminate slips. A forward finger choil is included to give you better control. To make it easy for you to start a fire, the Laser Strike comes with a ferrocerium flint kit making it an all-round survival knife.

The medium size of this knife makes it ideal if you are looking to pack light and will not hinder your mobility in the wild. You can, therefore, be sure that your chances of survival in the outdoor are better when you have the ESEE Laser Strike on your side.

  1. Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

You will agree that a simple design can go a long way in assisting you to make it in the will when your survival is at stake. That is a factor Fallkniven bore in mind when designing the A1 survival knife without sacrificing its functionality. This gear can handle heavy-duty tasks in the wild with durability and strength you will need in the outdoors.

The razor-sharp blade on the A1 measures about 6 inches and resists corrosion. Its full tang not only balances off its weight between the blade and the handle for better operations but also protrudes at the end of the handle for breaking glass in emergencies.

Overall, this survival knife will serve to cut branches and clean your catch without disappointment and, for sure, help you make it in the wild.

  1. Ka-Bar BKR7 Survival Knife

Ka-Bar is another manufacturer you will meet in the manufacture of hunting knives and are good in the making of the best survival knives as well. The BKR7 was made to help soldiers survive the harsh conditions they may find themselves in the wild. This means it has been tested to make it ideal for the purpose it’s intended to handle.

It features a chromium-vanadium steel blade measuring about 7 inches long. The blade tuns the entire length of the knife to provide for a full tang. It sharpens quickly, and your control over its movements is enhanced with a thumb rest. The handle is made from a hybrid nylon fiber that ensures firm and comfortable grip all conditions, hot, cold, wet, and dry alike.

  1. Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife

The Prodigy by Gerber is another handy gear for outdoor survival. The 4.75″ blade is made of high-carbon steel coated with black oxide. This coating is meant to boost the blade’s resistance to corrosion, given the rather harsh outdoor conditions in which it will be exposed.

This knife comes in a compact size to make it easy for you to carry around and pull out when you need to. The handle is textured to improve grip and eliminate accidental slips that may lead to injuries. Prodigy feature a full tang making it a well-balanced survival knife. The end of the handle has a protrusion of the blade with which you can use to break glass in emergencies. This is a practical survival knife with a reasonable price tag that won’t disappoint you when you need it.

  1. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

The other Gerber product on our list of the best survival knives is the LMF II. Its compact structure makes it a monster you can trust for your survival outdoors. The knife comes razor-sharp from the box, and you will only need to sharpen it after using it for a while.

According to the manufacturer, this knife was meant for freeing and aircrew from a drowned aircraft. This confirms its toughness and reliability when it comes to survival. The blade is made of corrosion-resistant metal, which runs to the end of the handle. This not only ensures that the knife is well balanced but also allows for the emergency breaking of glass using its butt cap.

The handle is made of glass-filled nylon for enhanced grip and comfort regardless of the condition. With this, you can create your shelter, chop off branches to light a fire, and defend yourself when it comes to it. Its reliability is among the main reasons it is trusted among the outdoorsmen.

Key Considerations When Buying The Best Survival Knives

Before you buy your survival knife, you want to be sure that you know what to look for. The key considerations range from blade type, style, ease of use, and weight to the length and thickness of the blade and material.

Fixed Blade

One of the many questions around survival knives is whether to go with the fixed blade or the folding one. Given the conditions in the wild and the fact that you will be cutting branches and such tough materials, any joint in the knife can be a weak point that may easily break. For this reason, it is advisable to always go for a fixed blade.


While size may not be a big issue for most people, you generally want your survival knife to be easily reachable and efficient when it comes to operations. That is why blades with a length of about 4.5″ – 5.5″ are ideal. These are easy to operate and carry around compared to a foot-long survival knife.


A comfortable grip, safe and smooth operation of your survival knife will depend majorly on its handle. Slipping handles, besides making the knife ineffective, can also lead to accidents and injuries. While most modern knives come with rubber handles to promote grip and make them non-slipping, some of the most common handles are made from wood.

Before buying your survival knife, check that the handle size will perfectly fit in your hand.

Full Tang

Tang describes the extension of the blade into the handle. Full tang, therefore, means that the blade extends the entire length of the handle. But why is this important? A full tang means that the weight of the knife is well balanced between the blade and the handle. This would give you complete control of the movements of the knife. Besides, a full tang promotes the durability of the knife.


Whether or not a survival knife has a sheath should not be the primary determinant of whether it is the best pick. However, it is an important consideration, especially since it makes your knife easily accessible and easy to carry around. In fact, most sheaths come with a loop to attach to the belt.

Caring for the Best Survival Knives

The secret to ensuring your survival knife lasts longer and remains functional and reliable is maintaining it in the best condition possible. The following care tips can help you save money and ensure the long life of your survival knife.


Like other gears in your possession, you always need to keep your survival knife clean. The structure of the knife from the blade to the handle can get affected by any buildup of dirt. Use water and soap to clean the knife and keep it dry.


There is no doubt your survival knife is more or less useless if it is not as sharp as you need it to be. This makes sharpening one of the essential maintenance tips on this list. The good news is that you need not worry about sharpening your knife since the KnifePlanet’s Sharpening Stone is all you need. It is designed to make it easy to sharpen knives while eliminating slips and accidents. You also geta guide with your purchase.


Oil your survival knife often to reduce friction and promote its durability. It will also make it easy to place in the sheath if it has one. You can use other standard lubricants as well.


The best survival knives are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. It is more than a typical gear in the bag since it will help you set up the shelter in the wilderness, light up a fire or cut bandages to nurse your injuries. As such, you want to be sure that you are buying the best survival knife, and this post offers the guidance you need.


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