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The relevance of a knife in the kitchen cannot be emphasized enough. It is arguably the most used devices in the kitchen, and you want to make sure that yours is reliable. So, how do you go about buying the best chef’s knife?

A chef’s knife, also known as the cook’s knife, is one of the main kinds of knives that every kitchen should have. It is considered the kitchen workhorse designed to handle every essential cutting task — slicing, chopping, dicing, and cubing, among others.

The truth is that the selection of the best chef’s knife is not clearly cut. There is no one-fits-all approach to the search for the best cook’s knife. Other indirect variables, such as the size of your hand (since most chef’s knives are big), can influence your choice. Nonetheless, some key factors cut across the board and are worth your consideration beforehand. But first, do you need a chef’s knife?

Why You Need the Best Chef’s Knife

Versatility is one of the strengths of the chef’s knife. In other words, it is the type of knife you can count on to do virtually everything. It usually comes with blades measuring 7-inches or more. This length may appear intimidating at first sight to the newbies, but it won’t take them long to get accustomed. With the best chef’s knife, you can have peace of mind in the kitchen.

Features to Consider When Buying a Chef’s Knife

Seasoned cooks will tell you how personal cooking can get. This and the fact that you’ll be using the chef’s knife a considerable portion of your time in the kitchen calls for the need to have the best blade. To help you find the best knife, the following are worth considering:

The Handle

Since the chef’s knife is one of the most used among the different types of knives, you want to make sure that the handle is as comfortable as possible. The material from which the handle was made should be non-slippery to eradicate slips and accidents. Besides, underneath the handle should have an allowance for your knuckles when using a chopping board.

The Weight

The other feature of a knife that contributes to the ease of use and comfort is the weight. A more massive knife can be reliable when cutting through dense foods. A light knife will, on the other hand, offer better handling and maneuverability. The balance of weight between the handle and the blade will also be principal a factor to bear in mind. It contributes to your control of the knife’s movements.

The Blade Material

Why would the material that’s used to make the blade an essential consideration? A knife is only as good as how sharp it is. The blade material will determine how good the knife is at keeping its edge sharp. Best chef’s knives are made from high-quality, high-carbon steel that retains its sharpness for long. However, if you’ll ever need to sharpen your knife, our knife sharpening stone will give you the edge you are looking for.

The Style

You must have noticed already that most kitchen knives are German made. Why would this be so? German knives are known to be designed for tough tasks in the kitchen. They are the type of knives you can count on when you have a lot of cutting, slicing, dicing, and cubing to do. Most of them come with high-quality blades that resist corrosion and retain their sharpness for a long while.

This is not to say that other types of knives are not ideal in the kitchen. Japanese, the most comparable variety of knives, is also preferred by many cooks. Precision and lightweight are among the features that make them favorable.

The Size

While it may seem like a non-issue to many, the size of your chef’s knife, or any knife for that matter, can dictate how easy it is to use. Most best chef’s knives have 8-inch blades. These are versatile and can be used for virtually any task for the kitchen workhorse. 6-inch blades offer better precision compared to the 8-inch blades.

Keep Your Chef’s Knife Sharp

In addition to the various maintenance practices for your chef’s knife is always the need to keep it sharp. This is by far the most important of them all. The problem comes when it becomes a challenge to find the best sharpening stone on the market.

The KnifePlanet’s knife sharpening stone guarantees the sharpness of your knife. What’s more, you avoid accidents and slips with this premium knife sharpening stone. You get a gift with a purchase of this knife sharpening stone to train you on how to best go about it.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Chef’s Knife

After considering all the best qualities to look for when buying the cook’s knife, the following are our top picks for the best chef’s knife.

Messermeister 8-inch San Moritz Elite Chef’s Knife

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Messermeister is one of the brands that you cannot miss when looking for the best cook’s knife. With the production in the hub of cutlery in Germany, you can be sure that you are buying one of the best products on the market.

The blade is made from hammer-forged high-carbon steel to not only withstand corrosion but also ensure its strength and maintain the edge’s sharpness. This handcrafted knife has every quality for a good chef’s knife and would be the right pick if you need a go-to workhorse.

The heel of the knife is free of the bolster to make it easy for you to use and sharpen. It comes with a contoured handle to ensure comfortable handling and controlled maneuverability. A lifetime warranty tells you of the manufacturer’s guarantee of quality.

WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon 8” Chef’s Knife

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If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable chef’s knife for your kitchen, then the Classic Ikon by WÜSTHOF is your knife. This knife comes with a black, ergonomic, non-slipping handle with slight contouring for a perfect grip. The double bolster on the knife ensures a balance of weight — ideal for the various cutting tasks in the kitchen.

The high carbon forged blade promotes the knife’s durability and resistance to corrosion. Unless you use the knife to cut through very dense foods, you will most likely not need to worry about sharpening it. However, the blade is easy to sharpen and will retain its sharpness for a long time.

The manufacturer boasts hundreds of years of experience to produce one of the best quality chef’s knives on the market. Unlike most 8-inch knives, you can get those precise chops and slices.

Miyabi 34183-203 Chef’s Knife

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The first Japanese chef’s knife to make it to our list of the best chef’s knife is the Miyabi 34183-203 Chef’s Knife. You can get it in both 8 and 6 inches. It comes with an authentic traditional Japanese design and a razor-sharp 12-degree edge.

You will appreciate the knife’s craftsmanship and the hardness of the blade material. This means you can count on the knife to serve you for a long time. The knife has a sleek red accent and a black handle to complement the interior of your kitchen.

Like most Japanese knives, this Miyabi chef’s knife is lightweight with a well-balanced weight. The handle is small and comfortable to hold in hand. While it may not be the best at retaining its sharpness, you will use it for a while before you look for a knife sharpening stone.

Victorinox 8-inch Chef’s Knife

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Victorinox is a Swiss knife manufacturer known for the manufacture of army knives. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful Rosewood handle. It has a simple design with top-notch functionality. The stainless steel from which the blade is made will withstand corrosion and retain its razor-sharp edges for efficient utility.

You can get the Victorinox chef’s knife in 10 and 12 inches. This would be ideal for when cutting a lot of dense food. The weight of the knife is well balanced to make it easy to handle. Given the manufacturer’s experience in producing quality army knives, you can count on the quality of this chef’s knife.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-inch Chef’s Knife

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The forged 8-inch chef’s knife from Mercer Culinary is ideal for both work and home cooking. The knife traces its roots to the center of culinary in Germany – Soligen.

The Santoprene handles provide for a firm non-slipping grip. A full tang design balances the weight of the knife between the blade and handle to make its handling effective. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel that withstands rust, discoloration, and corrosion.

Sharpening the edge, which may not be needed for a while after buying, is easy thanks to its taper-ground edge. Compared to most knives in its category, the Genesis chef’s knife is cheap with the ability to do the work. It is advisable to hand was the knife to maintain its sharp edge and enhance its durability.


A chef’s knife should be tough enough to handle the many tasks in the kitchen. You want to make sure that the handle feels comfortable in hand is not slippery. The edge should retain its sharpness for a long time, and a stainless-steel blade with high carbon content will, for sure, resist rust and corrosion. These are some of the top qualities that guided our selection of the best chef’s knife on the market. If you are looking to make a purchase, then our review should offer the best starting point.


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