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Quality craftsmanship and reliability are among the qualities that give the best German kitchen knives the edge over most types of knives on the market. These knives are designed to handle virtually every knife’s task in the kitchen. So, if you are in search of a dependable kitchen knife but don’t know where to begin, read on.

Coming close, in terms of competition, to the German knives are the Japanese Knives. While some distinctive features differentiate the two, they are considered some of the best types of knives. The first part of this post focuses on the characteristics of German knives. The next is a review of the best German knives.

Features of German Kitchen Knives

What makes German knives different from the rest? The manufacture of German knives dates way back, and this rich history has nurtured some specifications for the knives. These features make it easy to identify a German knife among a collection.

Besides being big in size, the following are pointers to look out for when in search for a German knife:

Bolster & Handle

The handles on German knives are more prominent compared to the likes of Japanese knives. They are usually contoured to enhance grip and comfort when using them. Some users with small hands have complained of the handles being too big for them. Remember that the more comfortable a knife feels in the handle, the more control you will have over its movement.

The bolster part of the knife is the thick piece of steel at the point where the handle meets the blade. The German bolsters, like the handles, stand out more. They are used to ensure a balance between the weight of the handle and that of the blade.

Knife’s Bevel

The angle at which the blade of the knife is sharpened can tell its type. German kitchen knives mostly have their bevels in the range of 17 to 22 degrees – mostly 20 degrees. Japanese knives, on the other hand, have less than 17 degrees to about 12 degrees of the bevel.

Besides, German blades are sharpened on both sides, unlike the Japanese ones that are only sharpened on one side.


How deep does the blade extend into the handle of the knife? This is the definition of the tang. Full tangs are common in most German knives. This means that the blade extends the entire length of the knife handle. Full tangs are ideal, more so, to ensure the durability of your knife. Besides, the blade extending to the back of the knife balances the knife’s weight for convenient and more comfortable use.

Shape of Blade

You may already know that German blades are big in size. This size makes it necessary for the blades to have a curved geometry to make them accommodatable in the handle of the knife. Japanese blades, however, are smaller and are therefore straighter. So, if the knife has a curved belly, you are likely looking at a German knife.


The overall weight of the German-made kitchen knife tends to be more than that for Japanese knives. This can be attributable to their design for not only durability but also ability t handle tough tasks in the kitchen. For this reason, most chef’s knives are German. With these knives, you will not have to worry about a tight management regimen or breaking.

A Note on Knife Sharpening

There is no point in having the best knife in the kitchen if it is blunt. Keeping your kitchen knives set sharp at all times is one of the most basic maintenance regimens worth observing. The KnifePlanet’s Knife Sharpening Stone is all you need to maintain the sharpness of your chef’s knives. It is designed to eradicate accidents and slips and help you keep your blades razor-sharp.

Reviews: 5 Best German Kitchen Knives

ZWILLING Professional 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

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Zwilling is one of the most renowned German knives manufacturers. The company’s Professional “S” kitchen knife is the ideal chef’s knife for all your essential tasks in the kitchen. The handles are made from polymer with three rivets to ensure its ergonomic, non-slipping, and durable design.

The blade is made from high-carbon steel with a laser-controlled edge to keep its sharpness for a long while. The superior resilience of the blade is also a guarantee that your kitchen knife will serve you for a long time. This would be the best knife for anyone looking for a functional knife in their kitchen. It is the ultimate chef’s knife that will stand all the beating.

Messermeister Meridian Elite Kullenschliff Chef’s Knife

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This 8-inch chef’s knife features a high-carbon alloy blade to promote its corrosion resistance and durability. The forging of the blade allows it to keep its sharpness as well as make it easy to sharpen. The heel of the blade is free of the bolster to create more room for cutting, and ease sharpening as well as cutting.

Messermeister is in Solingen, one of the oldest towns in the history of knife manufacture, making it the cutlery hub in Germany. The handles are shaped to fit your hand and give you total control of the movements of the knife and smooth operation of the tool. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects — a guarantee of reliability.

Cangshan S1 Series 8-Inch Kitchen Knife

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The first thing you will love about this knife is its ergonomic cream handles. You are therefore assured of a comfortable grip regardless of the size of your hand. The Cangshan S1 Series have German Steel blades with an average rating of 58 on the Rockwell scale. Besides withstanding corrosion, these blades retain their sharpness for a long time.

Like most German knives, the Canshan S1 Series features a full tang to enhance the knives’ durability and sturdiness. Also, the knives have balanced weights between the 8″ blade and the 5.5″ handles.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 8” Chef’s Knife

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The other Zwilling product that made it to our list of the best German kitchen knives is the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 8-inch knife. Like most from the manufacturer, this knife comes with stainless high-carbon steel whose blade retai ns its sharpness for a long time. The high-carbon material also promoted the knife’s durability and resistance to corrosion.

The Twin Signature is a little lighter than most German knives without sacrificing its sturdiness. Its polymer handle is non-slip and is contoured to make it fit in hand and give you a firm and comfortable grip. What’s more, the handle has three rivets to make it long-lasting.

Wüsthof Classic Ikon Chef’s Knife

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If you are looking for an all-round knife on which you can depend for almost all your cutting tasks in the kitchen, then the Wüsthof Classic Ikon Chef Knife is what you need. Call it the kitchen workhorse if you will since this knife can chop, cut, slice, mince, and dice with impressive precision.

The Classic Ikon comes with a sleek ergonomic handle designed to enhance a firm and slip-free grip. As if that is not enough, Wüsthof gave the knife double bolster for more balance, durability, and the ultimate cutting experience in the kitchen. The precisely forged stainless high-carbon steel blade will withstand discoloration, corrosion and retain its sharpness for long.


It is no doubt the German-made knives are among the best on the market. From durable and sturdy blades thanks to quality craftsmanship to ergonomic handles, these knives are what every cook needs.

Our review of the best German kitchen knives is an excellent place to start on your search. You will also want to ensure that your kitchen knives are sharp at all times.


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