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Condor Tools & Knives Heavy Duty Kukri Knife Review



CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE traces its proud history back to 1787, the year GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY was founded in Solingen, Germany. The quality of the swords, military knives, agricultural tools and household cutlery they manufactured made Solingen the cutlery capital of the world. Over the generations, the world’s largest manufacturer of swords and knives found it necessary to expand operations to other countries to better serve its customers.

In 1964, the company formed IMACASA with a new plant in Santa Ana, El Salvador, filling it with state-of-the-art German equipment and sending some of their local employees to Solingen for extensive training. Today, the factory is turning out the finest quality machetes, knives, axes, shovels and other hand tools.

IMACASA’s Central American operations were sold in the 1980’s to local investors. Today, IMACASA   is one of the largest machetes and shovel manufacturers in the world operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fill an increasing worldwide demand for its products.

In 2004, IMACASA developed a first quality line of tools and knives for the North American and European outdoor markets. CONDOR TOOL & KNIFE was born.

Condor 60217 Heavy Duty Kukri Knife Reviewed

Condor tools is a serious survival tool if you ever find yourself going camping or on a retreat or into the woods for an adventure night with your friends, I would seriously recommend a set of tools by this brand. As a teen my friends and I had just begun our journey into knife collection and if you are familiar with teens whose favourite activity is bushwhacking in the local forests you would be familiar with the love for such tools. Condo is not here to play games and it’s clear with this knife which had a 10-Inch blade and comes with a leather black sheath. It has a hardwood handle and blasted satin blade finish. Since it’s a compact yet heavy kukri it will do the same damage as a larger kukri. Just a fun fact here this is the same knife used by Alan Kay in History channels hit series Alone.  And honestly, I have read only good reviews for this and not a signal bad review!

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Why I Like The Condor Kukri

The Heavy Kukri is seriously impressive. It has a 10-inch blade, but the total length is around 15 inches. The blade is 5/16 inches thick; it makes it a good weight. Just under 2 pounds, it’s made from 1075 High Carbon Steel. There is a razor sharp and hand finished edge.  The hardwood slab handles are well pinned and generous that has a brass tube and brass rods. There isn’t a metal butt plate on the knife, but it does have a full tang and is very solid. Although, there is a small notch that is near the base of the blade called the Cho. It is a symbolic addition to the Nepalese kukri, but it also has some practical aspects. It is quite small to minimise the manufacturing expense. I was impressed by the tradition added to this knife and I give a thumbs up to the practicality. If you rough up the Cho, it is a great fire steel.

It does come with a sheath that is made of black leather that has a snap closure and a swivelling belt loop.

The KUKRI comes with a sheath.


  • Blade: 1075 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Finish: Blasted Satin
  • Handle: Hardwood
  • Sheath: Handcrafted Welted Leather
  • Designed by Joe Flowers
  • Specifications
  • Code: 60217
  • Stock #: CTK255-10HC
  • Blade Length: 10″
  • Thickness: 5/16″
  • Overall Length: 14-1/2″
  • Weight: 1.82 lbs.
  • Made in El Salvador


  • comes with a sheath
  • made of high carbon steel
  • well balanced
  • perfect length for packing


  • None really.

A Highly Recommended Kukri for the Outdoors!

Having a good knife during camping or any outdoor activity is basically the golden rule and it doesn’t get better than condor this company is the most trusted brand and has always offered the best In it’s class survival tools surely you do not want to be stuck in a dense forest with something that can’t even cut through the thinnest branch let alone fight a wild animal or help you survive and if I haven’t convinced you yet survival guide Alan Kay himself uses this which itself is a big sign of how trusted these knifes are . You can virtually take this knife anywhere given its compact size and still deliver a heavy duty performance it is one for the best survival machetes you will find in the market of-course there are different varieties of you are looking for a longer kukri or a one with chopping power.


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