Interview with CICHY Knives: Beautiful Handmade Knives From Poland



I recently stumbled upon a knife maker from Poland: CICHY Knives. I had the chance to talk to him and understand more about his knife making career. Before the interview, take a look at some of his knives:

A little bit of history: How did CICHY Knives start, and why did you get involved in the knife making business?
Eleven years ago I came across forum where work of other creators was shown. I always dreamed of a knife like those, and I could never afford one. I decided to make it myself. The first knives didn’t look any good. Only after a few years of hard working I created something I could proudly show to my friends. Since few years ago it is my way of both living and earning money. I decided to combine passion with work and it makes me a happy person.
For many years i dreamt of creating a razor and upon this day I am the only Polish that is doing it full time .

CICHY at work.

What is a knife to you?
A knife is mainly a tool. A high quality tool for: cook, hunter, nature-lover. It is also an item in which i can express my art, release what i feel at the moment and make it permanent.

How do you choose handle and color materials? Which materials do you use the most?
I like to work with wood and you can easily tell that looking at my collection. As for coloring, I try to choose together with client. When I am left alone with decisions, usually I end up creating something crazy.

Currently, what’s your business biggest challenge?
I’d like to expand my products worldwide or at least europe. Also, im thinking of further developing razor making production line.

What’s the most popular knife that you sell?
I create kitchen knives the most at the moment, whereas razors come second leaving knives for hunters in the thrid place.

What’s your greatest inspirations as a knife maker? Do you have some handmade knives that you love, made by other people?
I try not to watch other makers work, as I want my ideas to be my own. When you see other makers work, it is hard to create something new – once seen, cannot be unseen, what has been seen, the eye will remember, and what eye remembers, the hand will draw. I try not to watch too much in order to keep my up creativity.

What is your favorite steel to work with? Why?
I don’t have one, kitchen knives forced me to use different steel like N690, M390, whereas hunting knives use mostly D2 and M390. Sometimes i go back to simple carbon steel which gives marvelous look when they begin age.

How can people keep CICHY knives sharp? Would you give them some tips and recommendations?
You need to watch sharpening angles, avoid neglecting the blade, using diamond sharpeners which are able to sharp even the hardest steel.

Can you show us some of your favorite creations?
Unfortunately, no. All of my knives are beautiful to me, and yet every time I think I could do something better. I guess I am still pursuing my perfect knife.

Do you take something from the Polish tradition when making knives?
In my collection you can find knives from polish mountains, but i believe we do not have strong knife tradition in Poland. It is far easier to look for polish swords and sabres, which are known around the world.


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