I Wish I Had Them: Six Pocket Knives Everyone Wants



I think each of us have a list, at least mentally, of our Holy Grail type knives. Those knives that if supply and price were no object, we would certainly add them to our collection. But regretfully, I simply can not bring myself to spend thousands on a knife to beautiful to ever do so much as open the mail with it. But, that little fact doesn’t stop me from dreaming, nor does it stop others. Let’s talk pocket knives.

In effort to gain insight to what knives are top of the “I wish I had list” we put the question to over 5 thousand knife owners, collectors and enthusiasts. We didn’t specify folding knife, fixed blade etc., we also didn’t give a reason for them to pick, Be it collecting, using, preparing for a zombie apocalypse or whatever. So here is the top five, picked in our extremely unofficial and in scientific poll. Margin of error is plus or minus 4 guys named bubba either way.

Todd Begg Knives

The Begg Glimpse

I was actually surprised to see Todd Begg Knives being listed, not that there is anything wrong with that, but just that so many people were familiar and wanted one. The custom/production niche has always historically been a bit smaller than the mainstream knife crowds.

A couple of models made it into the list, However the Bogeda seems to be the stuff dreams are made of..and why not?  With it’s construction being made up of things like titanium, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, just to name a few points. Being known for making some of the most precise knives, Todd Begg has a work of art with this one, and with an average price of around 2400.00, it makes a good investment as well.

Buck Knives

The classic Buck 110.

In a surprising spot, amid all the high end, high dollar, collector knives out there, Buck knives was the second most wanted knife. That says loads about the quality of Buck Knives.

The model that tops the want list chart is the Buck 110. In fact it was the ONLY model mentioned, which is amazing if you ask me. Buck knives has been around forever, since 1902 in fact. The 110 first made available in 1964. It was considered the toughest folding knife for many, many years. With it’s clipped point blade, polished brass bolsters, and super strong lock, it has made short work of more than one deer in its time. So popular in fact, that the 110 is synonymous with the phrase “buck knife”

Benchmade Pocket Knives

The Griptillians by Benchmade.

Cutting in line with a solid third spot, Benchmade knives made it onto many people’s dream team. Several models came up, such as the Osborne, the Adamas, but the clear winner was the Griptillian.

Benchmade has been a mainstay on the EDC list for many years. Due to the high quality, and the options available. The Griptillian can be had with several blade shape choices, steel choices, handle material choices, handle color choices, and that is not counting the aftermarket product line. Simply put, you can buy a Griptillian, dress it up like you want, and have a knife that you will be proud to carry every day. And with prices in the neighborhood of 150.00 on average, it’s easy enough to pick one up.

Reese Weiland

Rastor folder by Reese Weiland.

Fourth place on the bucket list of knives was a tie. Which is shocking considering the sheer number of knives in the world. But first up is custom knife maker Reese Weiland. It seems his custom Knighthawk is a much coveted item. I have to be honest here, I had only read Reese’s name here and there for the last several years, but I was totally unfamiliar with his work. After a few hours of intense research and much drooling at knife porn, I see what all the fuss is about. Wow!  Are these some good looking knives or what?

Also in fourth place is…

Case Pocket Knives

Another classic made it in our list – Case Knives

Yet another classic brand making the cut. Several models were claimed as a favorite, but the most wanted was the slip joint, the Sod Buster.  Known for solid, well made knives, it’s no surprise that Case made our list, after all it is what has kept them in business since 1889. Well that and a affordable price. The Sodbuster design started perhaps as early as 1930’s and still a popular choice today. If you are picking a Every Day Carry Knife, you could do a lot worse than a Case slip joint.

Spyderco Pocket Knives

The stylish Ulize.

Bringing up the rear in fifth place, is a brand I really did not expect to see on anyone’s list. Sure they make a dependable, rugged knife. Sure they have lots of choices and tend to be affordable, but that is why I didn’t expect to see it, I would have guessed that everyone had at least one Spyderco Knife by now.

The Spyderco Ulize apparently has grabbed the hearts and minds of the knife lovers. It’s slim, sharp and easy to carry. The recurve blade, complete with the hole everyone loves, does exactly what you ask it to do. And with the price tag in the 160.00 range, you might as well get an extra to set back for the grandkids.

Some honorable mentions that almost made the list include: The USMC KaBar, Stan Wilson knives, Joshua Fightmaster, Chris Reeves and Rick Hinderer.

Hopefully we will be doing some reviews from this list in the near future.


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