Best Global Knife Set: In-Depth Reviews Of My 3 Favorite Sets



Global knives are considered some of the top kitchen knives in the world. Excellent cutting power is offered through thin, durable blades, and the brand designs elegant knives that are easy-to-clean and feature one-piece designs that are superior in durability.

These are the knives chefs use and homeowners can afford.

High quality knives since 1985.

Whether you’re an aspiring chef or an occasional cook, the knives you have can make or break a meal. And the right knife makes preparation time quick and easy, cutting down the time you spend in the kitchen.

A good set of Global Knives will last a lifetime. Let me show you the best options:

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Wusthof Classic vs Global Knives

Wusthof is a close competitor to Global Knives, and both companies make an excellent choice for cooks. There are a lot of differences, many of them preferential, that will need to be considered when trying to choose which knife set is the right choice for you.

Key Points of the Global Sets

  • Designed in Japan, these knives are lighter and nimbler, allowing for precision cuts.
  • Thin blade designs are incorporated into every knife, which allows them to be extremely sharp, yet the blade holds its edge longer.
  • Edges are sharper, allowing for more flexibility when preparing food.
  • The edges are straighter, which allow for greater ease when cutting larger items.

Key Points of the Wusthof Classic Set

  • Rock chopping is easier thanks to the curved blades.
  • The handle is more comfortable and has a better overall grip when wet.
  • Cuts through most lighter bones with ease without damaging the blade.
  • Heavier in weight, which some users prefer.

6 More Factors To Consider


  1. Keep in mind that the metals are similar with similar hardness levels. The Global has a 56 – 58 hardness, and the Wusthof uses a metal with a 56 hardness. So, both blades will have the same level of durability and hold an edge for a similar amount of time, although the Global lineup has a slight advantage.
  2. Global has a convex edge, with a 15-degree angle versus a straight edge, which is offered with the Wusthof.
  3. Users that prefer heavier knives will prefer the Classic over the Global.
  4. Global has designed their knives to be lighter, which allows for a slight advantage in the nimbleness of the knife when in use. You’ll also notice that the company’s handle has indents on it, which add to the overall grip when held.
  5. The blade of Global knives is welded to the handle, so they’re technically two-piece blades. And the reason for this design is to provide exact balance and weight to their knives. When held, you’ll notice that the knife handles very well and has a balance that most others knives simply can’t offer.
  6. The Wusthof’s handle tends to provide a better overall grip when wet, which is something to consider, too.

The Best Global Knife Set: The 7-piece Ikasu Set

Our favorite Global set: The Ikasu
Our favorite Global set: The Ikasu

The Ikasu 7-piece knife block set offers a complete set of knives every kitchen needs. Perfect for a housewarming present or to splurge on yourself, this set has it all – you’ll always have the right knife for the job.

This set include a total of six knives, with a wooden block accounting for the seventh piece of the set.

You’ll receive:

  • Paring Knife: A 3” paring knife is provided to help make peeling a breeze. Remove seeds from a hot pepper, de-vein shrimp and more.
  • Medium Utility Knife: The 4.5” utility knife is ideal for cutting sandwich meat and vegetables, but it’s not quite large enough to take over a chef knife’s job.
  • Chef’s Utility / Prep Knife: A 5” utility knife is included, which will be able to handle slightly larger jobs than the previous knife.
  • Nakiri Knife: The 5.5” Nakiri knife is designed for one thing: working with vegetables. These knives make cutting up vegetables quick and easy.
  • Chef’s Knife: An 8” chef’s knife is included that works well for all sorts of meat.
  • Bread Knife: The final piece in the set is a bread knife that is 8” long.

A bamboo / acrylic knife block is provided, too, which allows for safe storage of all your knives.

The high quality Nakiri knife included in the set.

What’s really special about these knives is that they have a stainless steel dimpled handle that adds to the grip of the knife while also offering a 50/50 bevel for a super-fine edge.


  • The blades are fine for an extra-sharp cut
  • CROMOVA 18 stainless steel is used to forge each blade and has a hardness of 56 – 58 for extra durability and strength
  • Lightweight yet balanced, these knives cut extremely well and feel great in your hands


  • The knife block is mostly plastic

The only issue we had with this set is that the knife block is a little cheap compared to the knives. While there is bamboo used in the block, it is mostly plastic and has a tendency to crack over time.

In terms of a complete knife set, this is the go-to recommendation for chefs around the world. And this set is so affordable that there is no reason for cooks to not have a quality set on hand with the Ikasu available. In our opinion, this is the best global set you can have.

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Review of Global 3-Piece Knife Set

If you don’t need more than these 3 knives, this set is for you.

The great thing about Global Knives is that they’re all made from high-quality materials. This 3-piece set utilizes the same CROMOVA 18 stainless steel as the previous set we reviewed, and the set is rust, corrosion and stain resistant.

The edges also offer the 50/50 bevel for a super-fine edge.

Designed to be perfectly balanced, the handle includes the dimple design, too. This set includes three main pieces:

  • Paring Knife: The 3.5” paring knife is small and versatile, allowing for easy seed removal and small cutting jobs that can’t be handled with a larger blade.
  • Cook’s Knife: A 5” cook’s knife is included for easy slicing and disjointing.
  • Hollow Ground Cook’s Knife: Large in size, this knife is 8” in length and is designed for larger cuts, vegetables and cutting through bone.


  • Three basic knives to handle most kitchen jobs
  • Razor sharp blades with 50/50 bevels for precision cuts
  • Extremely affordable set of knives


  • No knife block included

The ideal “starter” set, this set lacks a knife block, which is its only drawback. But for the price, you won’t find a knife set of this caliber anywhere else – it’s a high-end set offered at a low-end price.

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Review of Global G-835/WS 6 Piece Knife Set

A great option.

The G-835 may be the most impressive Global set. It offers a stainless steel, top-storage knife block that is anything but cheap. This set also includes a variety of knives that are perfect for every cook:

  • Paring Knife: A generous 4” paring knife is included.
  • Utility Knife: An all-around knife, the utility knife is 5.25” in size and can be used for anything from meat to removing seeds and cutting veggies.
  • Asian Cook Knife: The 7” Asian cook’s knife is designed to cut through vegetables with the utmost precision.
  • Carving Knife: Designed to carve meat quickly and efficiently, this knife is 8.25” in length.
  • Bread Knife: An 8.75” bread knife is included for heavy-duty bread cutting.

Extra slots are provided on the knife (6 extra slots), and this allows you to place other knives in the block for safe storage.

This is the set you buy if you do a lot of chopping, trimming, slicing and dicing.


  • The addition of the Asian cook knife allows for fast work of vegetables.
  • A variety of lengths allow for a versatile set of knives for every occasion.
  • The knife block includes additional slots that can be used as you expand your collection.


  • The name of the set is misleading

The only complaint with the G-835 knife set is that it’s really just 5 knives and a block. A lot of people have been led to believe that this set includes six knives, but this isn’t the case.

Despite this small complaint, this is a great knife set for slicing, dicing and chopping – period.

Aside from this minor complaint, this set is great for all kitchens. The sharpness and durability of the blades will save you time in the kitchen while making cooking a breeze.

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