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Slicing brisket is an art, and the right knife will help you make the perfect cut. You really have two options when slicing brisket: manual or electric knives. Which is best? We’ll be discussing the pros and cons of each type of knife and reviewing two models that we have right in our kitchen today.


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Slicing into a newly-cooked brisket is a delicate task. This is an art form, and some people swear by electric knives, while others will only trust the gentle slice that is powered by their own hand.

Each of these slicing knives have their own pros and cons when using them.


Electric knives provides fast cuts with powerful motors – in most cases. These knives aren’t a necessity when cutting brisket, but they’re definitely a welcomed addition to any kitchen. You won’t find many cons with electric knives, but you will find a lot of pros.


  • Easier to cut through thick, tough cuts.
  • Faster overall cutting.
  • Easier for people with less strength and mobility.
  • Different blade sizes allow for robust cutting options.


  • More expensive than manual knives.
  • Noisy operation.

Electric knives aren’t truly appreciated until you have one in your kitchen. These knives are chosen for a variety of reasons over manual knives:

  • It takes less force to cut with an electric model.
  • Cutting is much faster.

Older cooks will especially love electric knives because you don’t need to apply the same amount of force to cut through a thicker or overcooked brisket. When the brisket is nice and tender, you shouldn’t have to apply that much pressure to cut through it properly.


The right manual slicing knife will have a lot of uses outside of just slicing brisket. These knives don’t have motors, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking before the blade is worn. Everyone should have a manual knife available even if they have an electrical knife.


Because electric knives can and do break from time to time. Motors will break with over-usage or if you’re cutting through a very tough cut of meat that simply overworks the motor.

You’ll never have to worry about this happening with a manual knife.


  • Refined cutting options to your desired liking.
  • More overall flexibility and usages.
  • Cheaper in price and more durable.
  • Doesn’t require electric or cord outlets for use.


  • Takes longer to cut through meat.
  • Requires more strength from the user.

When you use a manual knife, you’ll need a lot more strength than with an electric knife. People that have dexterity or strength-related issues may not be able to cut through brisket with a manual knife, and would benefit greatly from an electrical model.

I always recommend owning a manual slicing knife because the right knife will last years under proper use.

And, these knives also have a much lower price than their electric counterparts. So, if you’re on a budget and only had one knife to choose, I would always go with the manual knife for longevity purposes.

This doesn’t man all electric knives will burn out or need to be replaced in a year – or even 10. My grandmother has an electric knife she has been using for 30 years, and it still works great. But, there is always the chance that the knife’s motor will die and need to be replaced. You don’t want to be stuck with a delicious brisket sitting there waiting to be cut while your knife dies – it’s not a fun experience.


I’m going to be reviewing two distinct knives that I use for slicing my own brisket at home: Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife and Victorinox 12” Granton (manual option).


The CEK 40 is a spectacular electric knife that actually costs less than the Victorinox. Featuring stainless steel blades and a butcher block holding tray, you’ll have everything you need to cut brisket, bread and other meats.

Yes, a bread and carving blade are included.

The handle’s ergonomic design is comfortable in your hands even on high speeds, and the noise production is minimal compared to other electric options. The 4-foot cord is the perfect length to allow you to move about the kitchen without getting tangled along the way.cuisinart

A safety button is present and will keep younger kids safe if they go to operate the knife.

Once you pop in the blades, they will lock into place. Simply hit the safety button and the on button to begin slicing up your brisket – it’s that simple. When you’re done, a button releases the blade for easy cleaning, and you can place the blade right into the wood block when finished.

It’s simple and convenient.

There are no speed controls present to make cutting even easier. Razor sharp, you’ll get a 2-in-1 knife with a bread blade that can easily cut bread and bagels, and a carving blade that’s perfect for brisket, turkey, chicken and other meats.


  • Simple to use and clean.
  • Built-in safety features.
  • 2 blades included.
  • Beautiful wood holding block.


  • Handle gets hot after a long cutting session.

I did notice that the handle gets rather hot if I am cutting a lot of meat at once, so this is a concern for any butchers or others that will be cutting far more than the normal size brisket.

Where does this model excel over the Victorinox?

You’re paying a lower price and will receive two different cutting blades with the CEK 40. The Victorinox Granton is just one manual blade, so it doesn’t have the convenience of an electric motor. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t an exceptional knife – it is – and you’ll learn about it in just one second.

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victorinox slicerThe Victorinox comes with a 12” blade featuring a Granton edge for precision cuts. With a Fibrox handle, this is a knife that professional chefs use on a daily basis. You’ll pay a little more for this model than the CEK 40, but it’s worth the cost.

A rounded tip on the blade allows for a large cutting surface, and little room for slipping and injury to occur.

High-carbon steel, the blade itself has been ice tempered, allowing it to hold its edge and sharpness for a long time. After over 3 years of use, this knife is still as sharp today as the day I first used it.

A patented fibrox handle is comfortable in the hands while also being well-balanced and offering a textured, slip-resistant exterior. With a lifetime warranty, this Switzerland blade will last decades without any concerns of dulling or breakage. But, you will need to hand wash this blade.


  • Long, 12” blade allows for easy slicing.
  • Well-balanced and comfortable handle.
  • Lifetime warranty against any defects.
  • Thin blade with exceptional durability.


  • None

I honestly couldn’t think of one thing this knife didn’t excel in. It’s the perfect slicing knife, and the blade is thin – very thin. I thought for sure it would be too flexible and break when I first used it, but years later, it still impresses me.

I’ve sliced through brisket, ribs, turkey, steaks and other meats with ease thanks to this knife.

Compared to the CEK 40, this knife does have a thinner blade, but it isn’t electric, so this may be a concern for some users.

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If you asked me to choose between either of these knives, I would have a difficult time choosing. They’re both exceptional in both quality and functionality. You honestly couldn’t go wrong with either knife. It’s your turn to decide which is the right knife for your needs.

Picture License: Cut The Brisket, CC BY 2.0


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