Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone Set

High-Density 1000/6000 Dual-Grit Wet Sharpener Waterstone for Knives Complete with Flattening Stone, Angle Guide, and Non-slip Bamboo Base for Chef level Results

24,99 $


  • NOT YOUR “AVERAGE” KNIFE SHARPENER STONE: Unlike the majority of low-density “glued-together/double-grit” stones found in the market nowadays, our KNIFEPLANET 1000/6000 Dual-Grit Wet Stone Kit has High-Density SINGLE WHETSTONES with different Coarseness masterfully developed on both sides of the SAME water stone, thus exponentially increasing its longevity, durability and sharpening precision
  • SHARPEN LIKE A CHEF: Our state-of-the-art whetstone knife sharpener manufacturing process is 100% implemented to both sides of a SINGLE piece of stone and takes 3 times longer than regular sharpening stones manufacturing, so, whether you’re a home cook, a pro Chef, or just enjoy occasionally cooking meals to your family, our High-Density wet stones for sharpening knives provides you with ALL the right tools to achieve Pro Chef’s sharpening results!
  • A COMPLETE SOLUTION: Your Knife Sharpening Kit comes with a Flattening Stone for keeping your Whetstone always flat, a non-slip bamboo base that provides you with more stability to help avoid accidents and a BONUS Angle Guide that gives you improved control and the CORRECT angle during sharpening to help you get your kitchen knives, Chef’s knife, Japanese knives, pocket knives or any blade to become razor-sharp, regardless of your sharpening proficiency level
  • QUALITY & VERSATILITY: Our Sharpening Waterstone uses water for sharpening and are easily cleaned with water as well, so you avoid the “oily mess” of dealing with expensive sharpening/honing oils; Our High-Density Whetstones are noticeably more durable and release way LESS residues than regular whetstones, thus not only providing superior sharpening, but also a considerably cleaner sharpening experience
  • A TOOL TO CREATE EXPERIENCES…: We are a family-run company created with the understanding that Cooking for your family and loved ones is a powerful way to create bonds that can last for a lifetime… and it all begins with the help of a sharp knife 🙂 So Give yourself or somebody you care about the Gift of Pro-level Knife Sharpening and GET YOUR Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone Set from KNIFEPLANET NOW while supplies last!


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