Leather Strop and Stropping Compound Set

Leather Strop and Stropping Compound Set – Complete Knife Strop Block Kit for Sharpening Knives and Chisels with Green & White Honing Compounds for Chef Level results

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  • TAKES SHARPENING & HONING TO A HIGHER LEVEL: The ideal next step after your sharpening stone and whetstone, our top-quality Stropping Block Set offers the flexibility of having the GREEN compound to achieve a high luster mirror-like finish and the courser WHITE compound that promotes slightly lower luster but improves the cutting edge of blades for a cleaner cut
  • A COMPLETE SOLUTION: Your leather strops for sharpening knives with honing compoundKit has a large stropping leather area attached to a non-slip bamboo base that provides you with more stability to help you get your kitchen knives, Chef’s knife, Japanese knives, pocket knives, chisels, planner blades or any blade to perform cleaner cuts and to get mirror-like finish, regardless of your honing proficiency level
  • QUALITY & VERSATILITY: Our Leather Strop Block is made with premium quality bamboo with genuine high-quality leather honing area attached to it, our stropping compound bars have substantial thickness and offer great flexibility with the 0.5 Micron Chrome Oxide GREEN compound ideal for achieving mirror-like high luster while the courser 1 Micron Aluminum Oxide WHITE compound is ideal not only for luster but for providing blades with a cleaner cut as well
  • WHY STROPPING AFTER SHARPENING/HONING: Used after the finest stone for the final stage of sharpening, the function of a strop is to polish the edge and completely work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones and whetstones; Stropping is taken to the next level with abrasive compounds to further refine the edge
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF SHARPNESS…: We are a family-run company that understands the importance of a sharp knife while cooking and a sharp and precise tool while working and we truly appreciate the opportunity of providing the very best solutions to your honing and sharpening needs; So Give yourself or somebody you care about the Gift of Pro-level Sharpening and honing and GET YOUR Leather Strop and Stropping Compound Set from KNIFEPLANET NOW while supplies last!


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