Coarse Flattening Stone

Flattening Stone to Flatten Sharpening Stones and Whetstones – 7.09 x 2.35 x 1.18 in. Rough-Grit Water Stone Leveler Also Reshapes Damaged and Chipped Knives by KnifePlanet

24,99 $


  • LEVEL UP – Dipped and uneven knife sharpening stones make honing your knives almost impossible. Level your loved and lopsided sharpening stone set with the Coarse Flattening Stone by KnifePlanet!
  • BUILT TO ENDURE – Maximum peeling and rapid leveling are possible thanks to this flattening stone’s coarse and durable silicon carbide. From fine sharpening stones to gritty ones, smooth them all out with KnifePlanet!
  • RESHAPE TO RENEW – Don’t expend any extra time or energy reshaping your whetstone set! It only takes a few minutes of mild elbow grease to get your worn and torn Japanese sharpening stone perfectly level again.
  • STAY SHARP – Not only does this whetstone flattening stone level off deteriorated sharpening stones—it also can restore the shape of chipped knives. Revive previously damaged-beyond-repair knives and make them the sharpest ones around!
  • BONUS GIFT – Need some help learning how to use your stone flattener? Discover that and more with your BONUS content! Access exclusive videos and articles that teach you everything you need to know about sharpening knives


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